Portrait of a Woman with Institution – Anča Daučíková with Catholic Church, video, 19 m 49 s, 2011

Exhibitied: Zlínsky salon, Zlín, 2014; Fem(inist) Fatale, Kunsthalle LAB, Bratislava, 2015; Anna Daučíková, Futura, Prague, 2016

A split-scene view of a street corner with view to a large church, cars, trams and pedestrians passing by. A person of uncertain gender appears alternately, first on the left, questioning, then, with change of hat, coat and glasses, on the right answering the questions. The person on the right is pressed for details by the priest about a woman’s sexual experience in marriage (to which, apart from the married couple, there was no direct witness). Hadn’t the man’s penis penetrated the woman’s vagina? What was the problem if they had had children? How can a woman know what premature ejaculation is if she hasn’t had sex with other men? How does she know her husband doesn’t satisfy her? Isn’t her wish for sexual fulfilment perverted?