Marlene Haring: Labour, or, They Said You Won’t Have Time

Labour, or, They Said You Won’t Have Time
Marlene Haring
Published by Vargas Organisation, London

50 copies
28pp, colour, 248 × 355 mm, paperback
ISBN 978-0-9956518-2-1

This publication reproduces a monograph on the 17th-century painter Georges de la Tour from a popular series entitled the Masters of Painting, altered by Marlene Haring in 2015.

Anecdote (one of many): In 2010, having applied for an art studio scholarship in Vienna, having submitted a portfolio and CV showing a prolific practice, numerous international exhibitions and performances, having added plans for the coming year, you now answered the jury’s questions confidently. An older man on the jury then said, referring to your heavily pregnant figure: But you won’t have much time to work.

Anecdote (two of many): In 2015, having been invited by a friend and fellow artist to contribute to a collective exhibition, consisting of interventions in popular art historical monographs by her and two other female artists, your friend showed up the day before the exhibition opening without the books she had promised to bring for you to work on at home. You had given birth to your daughter just a few days earlier. I thought you wouldn't have time to work anyhow, she said.

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